Who We Are

Meet Our Team


Filipe has a 30+ year career in Finance across the USA, Europe, London, and for the last 10 years Dubai. Recently he served as CEO of Bastion Capital London LTD (A Global Financial Interdealer Brokerage Firm) and CEO of V2I (AI Technology Company). After studying economics in London, Filipe moved to New York, becoming one of the leading traders in US Treasuries; before returning to Europe in early 2000s to become a part owner of one of the larger European Financial Institutions, Finacor. Fifteen years ago, Filipe became involved in Property Development, developing large scale properties from vision, design, construction and handover. With a decade of experience living, working and investing in the UAE, Filipe is ready to meet his next challenge.


Mays is a licensed Architectural Engineer and Property Manager with vast experience in development of Real Estate. She holds a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Management and Development. In the last five years, she has been associated with one of Dubai’s leading Developers – Gargash Group where she has risen up the ranks to take responsibility for leading some of the most complicated projects in the group. With excellent skills in leadership, project management, and budgeting, Mays delivers her projects on time and budget. This determination and success make her unique in overseeing large scale projects. Mays is ready to step into ownership and leadership of her own company.


George has vast years of experience in different regions and industries. Having been raised and educated in the USA, and working in Europe and the Middle East, George brings a dynamic insight of different cultures and working style. George is highly experienced in Financial Management and is a certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist. George will bring a prudent financial and management structure, as well as a proactive regulatory approach. George has an MBA in Finance and Strategy from the University of Chicago and has the CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist) certification from ACAMS.