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To enhance client assets, MCM knows that intelligent, proactive, and high quality property Management is key to reducing operating costs, increasing system reliability, improving efficiency and ensuring safety of all aspects of the property. For example, we utilise the latest in demographic and other data to communicate to our clients any misalignment between the needs of their tenants and the layout of their properties. A property with majority families and young children will need different amenities then a property focused on young single professionals; and a mismatch of those amenities to the demographics can mean decreasing occupancy.

In addition to technologically driven solutions, we will provide the highest quality service in traditional areas of property and community management. These include some of the following:

  • Administration, financial and accounting services
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Management and optimization of service charge budgets
  • Supervision and enforcement of community rules
  • Property services supervision of Facilities Management, Cleaning and securities service project works
  • Health and safety management
  • Sinking fund management
  • Managing Renting and selling the properties

Our proactive, personalised, and comprehensive execution of these services as well as the highest level of customer service will provide us an edge in this highly competitive industry. By tailoring our solutions to the specific demographics and characteristics of each client property, we will provide value added services in everything we cover whether Operations & Maintenance, Planning, Analytical Maintenance, Development, Technical Support, Regular Inspection, Assessing, Fit-out, or anything else.

We organize our services generally by the different types of property segments:

Commercial Buildings

A well-maintained commercial building is key to attracting and retaining tenants. In addition to the business intelligence we will provide.

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Retail Space

MCM will be maintaining and managing the client retail spaces through ourselves, our highly experienced

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Industrial Properties

MCM brings market intelligence, management expertise and operating efficiency to clients with industrial properties.

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Hotel and Hospitality

Hotels and Hospitality properties bring unique challenges

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Schools & Educational Institutions

Proactive maintenance and community management are very important for academic Institutions in attracting and retaining pupils.

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Residential Buildings

The residential building and apartment usually have different kinds of facilities like Gardens, Gym, community hall, Library, security.

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Flex Properties

Flex properties are usually a division of industrial properties that contain a higher percentage of office buildout than traditional industrial spaces.

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Mixed Use Properties

MCM has managed one of the most complicated Mixed Use propery in the region and understands the complexities of managing mixed use properties .

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Warehouses & Labour Camps

MCM also provides personalized and high quality property management to the unique needs of Warehouses and Labor Camps

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