About Us

About Us

MCM Property Management L.L.C. ("MCM") is a company born of a simple premise - Maintain and enhance the property assets of our customers. On this premise we have built and organised our company.

In the current real estate environment of increasing supply, declining rents and lack of high quality professional advisors, we saw an opportunity to help Property Owners improve the value of their assets through our tools and high quality expertise.

The Owners, Filipe Dellinger and Mays Shahin met in their respective roles within the Principle Body of one of the largest Mixed Use properties in the DIFC and one of the most complicated in the region. The property was experiencing many issues around management, communication and coordination of all the different components, when Filipe and Mays became involved. Within six months, they enhanced the value of the asset for the Property Owners by significantly increasing the collection of dues as well as pushing through comprehensive repairs, strategic improvements to the common areas and efficient reutlisation of energy and utility consumption.

This was not an isolated case, but rather symptomatic of the industry issues around low quality management, lack of proactive servicing, poor and nonintegrated communications and bad execution. Filipe and Mays therefore decided to create MCM LLC to tackle these challenges head on.

MCM’s initial focus will consist of optimising the Residential, Retail, Office, Commercial, and Hotel Areas of different types of Properties through the latest in technology, strategic upgrades and superior resource utilisation.

Trusted Insights

With personalised and proactive services, MCM enables clients to maintain and enhance the value of their property assets despite an environment of increasing supply and falling rents. Having already a record of success in properties and other industries, the team of MCM provides the high quality customer service and cutting edge solutions that local property owners require.

New Comprehensive Solutions

We utilise the latest in AI and other technologies to offer the most personalised, relevant and professional service for all aspects of your properties. We integrate technology to modernize management and make the whole process simpler and more efficient. We use the latest tools to make sure that your investment is properly managed. For example, we inventory, record, and monitor all your fixed equipment and ensure that your Reserve Fund is optimised to handle maintaining and replacing this equipment in the most efficient and cost effective way.
We have a highly trained and professional team ready to help you in the language of your choice (Arabic or English). Our success depends upon providing high-class customer service and added value.


Our Premise


MCM LLC is a company born of a simple premise. We are a company created, organized, and operating to accomplish one goal – maintaining and enhancing the assets of our customers.


Units Managed

4.75 mio

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Operating Profit Increase

Meet Our Team


Filipe has a 30+ year career in Finance across the USA, Europe, London, and for the last 10 years Dubai. Recently he served as CEO of Bastion Capital London LTD (A Global Financial Interdealer Brokerage Firm) and CEO of V2I (AI Technology Company). After studying economics in London, Filipe moved to New York, becoming one of the leading traders in US Treasuries; before returning to Europe in early 2000s to become a part owner of one of the larger European Financial Institutions, Finacor. Fifteen years ago, Filipe became involved in Property Development, developing large scale properties from vision, design, construction and handover. With a decade of experience living, working and investing in the UAE, Filipe is ready to meet his next challenge.


Mays is a licensed Architectural Engineer and Property Manager with vast experience in development of Real Estate. She holds a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Management and Development. In the last five years, she has been associated with one of Dubai’s leading Developers – Gargash Group where she has risen up the ranks to take responsibility for leading some of the most complicated projects in the group. With excellent skills in leadership, project management, and budgeting, Mays delivers her projects on time and budget. This determination and success make her unique in overseeing large scale projects. Mays is ready to step into ownership and leadership of her own company.