Our Mission

Our mission is to manage all the valuable assets of our clients in a personalized, professional and proactive way. At MCM, we will utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the latest cross-industry tools to provide the most relevant full-service property management and maintenance solutions. Every client, every property and every neighborhood is different. We provide each client the specific tools they require to maximise their specific assets, one by one, while minimising their expenses.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our clients the best integrated solutions of technology, strategy, management, customer service and communications, to enable them to maintain and enhance the value of their property assets.


Commercial Buildings

A well-maintained commercial building is key to attracting and retaining tenants. In addition to the business intelligence we will provide.

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Retail Space

MCM will be maintaining and managing the client retail spaces through ourselves, our highly experienced

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Industrial Properties

MCM brings market intelligence, management expertise and operating efficiency to clients with industrial properties.

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Hotel and Hospitality

Hotels and Hospitality properties bring unique challenges

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Schools & Educational Institutions

Proactive maintenance and community management are very important for academic Institutions in attracting and retaining pupils.

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Residential Buildings

The residential building and apartment usually have different kinds of facilities like Gardens, Gym, community hall, Library, security.

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Flex Properties

Flex properties are usually a division of industrial properties that contain a higher percentage of office buildout than traditional industrial spaces.

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Mixed Use Properties

MCM has managed one of the most complicated Mixed Use propery in the region and understands the complexities of managing mixed use properties .

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Warehouses & Labour Camps

MCM also provides personalized and high quality property management to the unique needs of Warehouses and Labor Camps

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