Property assist management

Project Financing

Looking for bank lending or alternative financing? MCM can connect partners to all types of financing.

MCM will negotiate deal structures and provide opportunities to foster growth across a variety of sectors, including real estate, industrial, technology, infrastructure, and energy.

Our access to capital provides our clients funding several options including:

  • No pre-sale funding options – private investor funded
  • Preferred equity
  • Joint venture funding
  • Development management and project management
  • Distressed / workout solutions
  • Incomplete or partially complete projects.

Property Valuation

Our Valuation & Advisory reports throughout the UAE and GCC are prepared by a team of highly experienced Valuers and Researchers based in both our Dubai and Abu Dhabi offices. The team has extensive local and international experience, earning a market-leading reputation through consistently providing accurate, and well-qualified advice and information.

MCM offers valuation services across all types of Real Estate Assets including Apartments, villas offices, retail, mixed-use buildings, hospitality, leisure, educational, vacant land, and staff accommodation.

We offer a range of in-depth and accurate valuation services throughout the UAE in accordance with RICS, IVS, and RERA practices and guidelines. Our valuation services can be used for a number of purposes including:

  • Secured lending
  • Acquisition and disposal
  • Auditing and accounting
  • Assess Risk
  • Equity And Debt Financing
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Portfolio Valuations
  • Lease Renegotiations
  • Transfer of Wealth
  • Disputes And Litigation
  • Insurance Valuations

Governance and Compliance

Effective corporate governance encompasses board relations, internal control system, risk management, compliance management, and internal audit

Our team can assist directors and management to identify applicable laws and regulations to better understand the regulatory environment. Our approach combines an analysis of the legal framework with an assessment of the systems and processes which can help to ensure compliance and sound corporate governance.

We support our clients by offering:

  • Training
  • Governance framework design
  • Board and audit committee assessments

Often there are financial penalties for non-compliance with certain laws and regulations. Strong regulatory and compliance systems can help to ensure companies are not subject to potential penalties

Workflow operations

Workflows help organizations to adhere to consistent business processes, and they also improve organizational efficiency and productivity by managing the tasks and steps involved in business processes. This enables the people who perform these tasks to concentrate on performing the work rather than managing the workflow

MCM can help you develop your workflow processes in a number of areas including:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Invoicing & Collections
  • Budgeting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Purchase Approval Requests
  • Vendor Relationship Management
  • Tendering
  • Meeting Management
  • Reporting
  • Customer Onboarding and management